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News Roundup: Unpleasantness Edition

-- Tom O'Brien was asked if Mike Glennon was holding onto the ball too long. TOB: "I think we were covered. A couple of times – Danny (Bible, offensive coordinator) said we weren’t open." I think that's pretty much the story right there. Even when Glennon had decent protection, he couldn't find anything downfield. Felt like we were trapped in a bottle.

-- Florida State shuts out NC State. "For some reason, we couldn't tackle today." -- Audie Cole. Was it the pregame meal?

-- What worked and what didn't work on Saturday.

-- Explosive TJ Graham limited by Florida State.

-- FSU's win by the numbers.

-- Brett Friedlander's ACC report card.

-- Youth movement making impact for Florida State.

-- Quarter-by-quarter breakdown. First quarter: sucked. Second quarter: really sucked. Third quarter: there was the continuing of the sucking. Fourth quarter: it ended.

-- 'Noles defense continues dominance.

-- ACC Winners and Losers: Week 9. You get one guess where TOB landed.

-- Shutdown and shutout in Florida. (Warning: Technician's site includes video ads that autoplay.)

-- Wolfpack Water Cooler's view from the couch.

-- Tomahawk Nation's game grades. Lots of fun ugly numbers in this one!

-- A brief history of shutouts and blowouts.