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Strangely Enough, Everett Withers Is Tossing Out The R-Word Left And Right

Everett Withers is making some strange noises about the game this weekend:

"A rivalry game in state is huge for everyone in the state," interim coach Everett Withers said Monday. "It's huge for our players, especially for our seniors, to get this game."

Whoa, whoa, whoa, that's our angle, pal. This can only be a Super Bowl for one of us, I think. I think that's how it goes but I'm not in the mainstream media so I forget the rules associated with these lazy contrivances. This is all new to me. Do we have to wear navy blue and inflate attendance figures and commit all the personal fouls and remark disdainfully in re: the quality of the Vaughn Towers' house red? Who's talking? What day is it? Do we even have time to make it to a football game this weekend? I just don't know anymore, man.

Sometimes you want to stay so focused that you want to say, ‘It’s the next game, it’s the next game.’ But a lot of these kids were recruited by State… So I think it’s important when you have a school that’s only 20-25 miles down the road be a rivalry."

This is an outrage.