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Wilson Missed More Than Ever This Week

Or never missed less, depending on your perspective. Carolina's feeling a little relieved that they won't have to deal with Russell Wilson:

North Carolina freshman receiver T.J. Thorpe said the Tar Heels are "slightly relieved" that Wilson is in Wisconsin for his final college season.

"And I think that his experience probably would change the game a lot more for them," Thorpe said. "But the fact that he's not playing, I think that takes a lot off our back and relieves a lot of the pressure that we're going to have to face on defense."

That's true, but then again, a hell of a lot of guys are going to be a relief next to Russell Wilson's extremely rare combination of football IQ, speed, accuracy, and arm strength. On a side note, how on earth was Russell Wilson just a two-star recruit in high school? It's can't be all about his size. Seems like, in hindsight, the attributes that made Wilson a great player should have been more apparent. Wilson was Scout's 67th-ranked QB and he came in as and played exceptionally well as a redshirt freshman, which says nothing if not that many scouts whiffed big time. But that's our good fortune, because NC State may never land him if he's actually rated appropriately.

Anyway, I hope Mike Glennon has been paying attention to these comments. For that matter, I hope the receivers have been paying attention to these comments because I'm tired of watching passes bounce off hands. No more drops, you guys. I have had it right up to here.