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NC State Scores Touchdown, Out-Hibernates Boston College Anyway

I guess there are things that could be written about this game, I'm just having a hard time figuring out what they are. Few things about this team are surprising anymore, and it figures that they'd follow up another win over the Tar Heels with a sorry performance on the road. I thought perhaps it might be avoidable given the quality of this year's Boston College team, but as is so often the case, disappointment was inescapable.

The difference this week was a defense that wasn't able to stay ahead of another inept offensive effort. Boston College managed just three yards of offense in the second half, but the recovery by State's defense came too late since the Eagles only required the two scores they got in the first half to win the game. That's pretty pathetic, but there it is.

So NC State still needs two wins to become bowl eligible, and with two games left on the schedule, that's looking slightly less than likely. As Josh Goodson pointed out on Twitter, the most NC State finish possible would be a win over Clemson and loss to Maryland, so that's a near-certainty at this point. Enjoy what absurdity remains, everybody.