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Who's Borrowing Our Cars?

Calvin Leslie's minor NCAA rules violations are one more reminder that anything can be illegal given that college sports are governed by the largest clearinghouse for ritualized pedantry every created. Leslie borrowed a car from a friend for a week after he totaled his own vehicle, and I can't blame him for that at all. I doubt I'd have known or even thought twice about that being a potential violation.

Debbie Yow:

"When you’re young, you don’t think about things like that," she said. "Nor do you think a friend – to me, it’s a booster. ... You don’t think when they are closer to your age, you don’t think about them like that. So I understood why. But we still have to do the right thing."

I've been wondering about something since I read about these circumstances. I was in the Student Wolfpack Club throughout my undergraduate career, so I therefore qualified as a booster, right? Well, one time during a sociology class I let Manny Lawson borrow a pen. Should he have served a 3-minute suspension for that?