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TJ Graham Needs Some Music Recommendations

TJ Graham spoke to the media on Monday and addressed the team's lack of energy against Boston College. What he said, well, he never should have said any of this stuff.

"I'm not old but I kind of recognize the people around me. The new age of people, a new age of players, we get energized by different things, whether it be your uniform, music, crowd, stadium, opponent so it's kind of hard for a lot of us to get energized when it's a small crowd, same opponent, nothing fancy uniform wise, no new music or something. It's got to be something different to kind of give you that edge. With UNC, we had something to fight for, it was five in a row so that was something new, something different, and it's your rival game. You don't play them every week and it was at home. Luckily we have two more home games to try and clinch a bowl game, hopefully we can use that to our advantage."

TJ Graham just offered a visitor's review of your whole situation, Boston College, and it appears you've left him wanting. Small crowd? Yep. Same team they play once every year, which is like a lot? Yep. Slumber-inducing uniforms? Oh you better believe it. Same old intro tunes? Yes. It's just all so mundane, Boston College. You need to spiffy things up, because right now you can hardly expect anyone to get hype with what you're putting out there. I can put you in touch with a phenomenal event planner; y'all let me know.

Seriously, though, that is an enormous load of crap, TJ. If you can't find a way to motivate yourself for a game that means quite a bit to the team's bowl hopes in this your final season, I don't know what to say. I don't know why you're here or why you bother to play football. You deserve to have a bottomless bag of dicks open up over your head and follow you around all day like your own personal penis-rain cloud. NOW MAKE ME AN APOLOGY CAKE.

"We're down, but that's when we play our best, when our backs are against the wall and stuff like that. We're not a front-running type team. We like to be in a hole, it's kind of fun. You've noticed for the past couple of years we've made it tough on ourselves somehow. We always come out."