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This Is Not The Idea Behind 'Dig Deep'

Maybe we need to get our alignment checked.

"We're in a ditch. We found our way out before and we have to find a way to get out now."

As Tom O'Brien says, his program knows a thing or two about climbing out of ditches, so we do have the benefit of experience in this matter. And if there's a tornado, we're in good shape for the time being. This may as well be the epitaph on the TOB era's grave: "Found its way out of a ditch on occasion."

We'd get down there and say to ourselves, "no more! I've got to get up and climb to the Bowl! There are people counting on me!" Well, at least we did that one time. Another time we hit our head on a big rock and had to lay there until Jon Tenuta found us. A time before that there was a big spider on us and we forgot what we were going to do after that because it gave us the willies.