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Got Them Right Where We Want Them

Tajh Boyd wasn't pressured much by Wake Forest but had a tough time anyway:

Knowing it could not win one-on-one battles, Wake Forest did not try to beat Boyd with pressure. The Demon Deacons tried to make Boyd beat himself. They often dropped eight defenders into coverage and seldom pressured Boyd, who had a clean jersey after the game.

The strategy nearly worked. Boyd forced throw after throw into a crowded secondary looking for his favorite targets.

Mike Archer was reading this and said to himself, "my god, that's just the thing that my defense does!" He then ceased all preparations for Saturday's game, leaned back in his chair, and lit a cigar. Drop eight? Hell, I bet we could find a way to drop nine. We'll bend-but-don't-break the hell out of those bastards. We'll bend-but-don't-break 'em until they don't know which way is up. Boyd will lose his nerve in the third quarter and begin to see two or even three David Amersons in coverage. He may never play college football again.