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NC State 60, Princeton 58

Four Factors NCSU Princeton
eFG% 49.1 48.1
Turnover Rate 22.3
Off Reb Rate 40.0 17.7
FT Rate 20.4 24.5


Princeton 58 62.7 92.5 95.7
NCSU 60 62.7 95.7 92.5


Box Score

At no point was that pretty, but the guys gutted out a first half three-point barrage, picked up the defense in the second half, and in the end, got the clutch buckets they needed in order to win the game. Part of the team's slow start at both ends of the floor may have had to do with the fact that several players were so ill yesterday that they made hospital visits.

Whatever the case, NC State wasn't ready to defend Princeton's offense at the outset and gave up some easy looks inside and out in the first half. Mark Gottfried couldn't be pleased that the Tigers' best three-point shooter got eight attempts, many of them good looks. Fortunately Princeton cooled off in the second half, hitting just 3 of 12 three-point attempts.

That cool-down and State's overall rebounding effort were the difference in this game. Lorenzo Brown was excellent for the Wolfpack but the team struggled at the offensive end all night; the illnesses, the Wood injury, the Leslie and MegaHorse suspensions ... all of those things seemed to catch up with the team.

As for Wood, Mark Gottfried doesn't expect to have him for a while:

From Gottfried, Scott Wood rolled ankle "pretty bad." Doesn't know status, but said "if I'm betting, I'd think he's out for a while."
According to the announcers, there was no fracture in the ankle, but when Wood returned to the bench, he was walking with the help of crutches and his foot was in a boot. Not a good sign.