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NC State Football Once Again In Position To Help Opposition Make More Money

A great many men have profited from NC State football over the years, and only some of them actually worked for NC State in that time. For example, Devin Hester was paid $1,000 for his kickoff return touchdown against State in 2004. Lord knows what Ralph Friedgen got for that ACC title-clincher in 2001. (Judging by Maryland's current financial woes, it was a solid gold twinkie the size of a barn.) And now we can help Dabo Swinney become $20,000 richer.

The Clemson coach receives a $20,000 bonus if Clemson (9-1, 6-1 ACC) reaches 10 wins, the first in a series of attainable incentive clauses in an important close to the season, financially, for Swinney.

The greatest contract escalator for Swinney is tied to an Atlantic Coastal Conference title. With a conference title Swinney’s base compensation rises from $1.75 million to the median pay of the top seven compensated ACC coaches, approximately $2.2 million.

I'd suggest he go halfsies with Sammy Watkins on that $20k, but something tells me Watkins is doing just fine.