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NC State 37, Clemson 13

This football season is having a really tough time making sense. The injuries, the losing at Wake Forest, that all made perfect sense. The rest... well, the rest are things that happened. I have no idea how we shutout North Carolina and followed that up with a loss at Boston College which is barely a football team and then came home and destroyed Clemson.

I'm sure the talk will be about how the Tigers had no stake in this game and were looking ahead to South Carolina and the ACC title game and et cetera. That may be part of what cost them today, along with the absence of Sammy Watkins, but it's hard to believe it could result in what happened on the field, which again made no sense whatsoever.

We outplayed Clemson from start to finish, and while I'd entertained a number of scenarios leading up to this one, I can't say I envisioned a dismantling as thorough as the one we saw on Saturday. The Pack were so good that it just made me angrier about how they played against Boston College and Florida State. Oh well. Mike Glennon was better than he's been in weeks, the defense continued its run of great play, and David Amerson picked off his 11th pass of the season. Wouldn't have guessed those things would happen this week, but I'm no less glad that they did. Let's go bowling! (Soonish.) (Call us, Independence Bowl.)