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Vanderbilt 86, NC State 79

Four Factors NCSU Vandy
eFG% 53.2 60.2
Turnover Rate 17.2
Off Reb Rate 28.6 31.4
FT Rate 35.5 61.1


Vandy 86 75.6 113.8 104.6
NCSU 79 75.6 104.6 113.8


Box Score

Tough to pull off an upset when the other team shoots the ball like that, and in the end we couldn't find enough of an edge in the other factors to overcome the shooting disparity. But it sounded like (I wasn't able to watch any of it thanks to the football game and football-related celebrating that came afterward) the guys acquitted themselves pretty well in their first trip away from Raleigh against a NCAA tournament-caliber foe.