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Adventures In YouTube: Incredulous Gamecock Guys And Super Happy Drunk NC State Fan

I ended up on YouTube after watching the video that TVP posted earlier this afternoon, and one thing I've learned is that I got to check that site more often during football/basketball season.

These guys were filming themselves watching college football highlights (what a country!) and when they got to NC State-Clemson, they could not believe their eyes. This should be set to start at the pertinent part, but if not, fast forward to 2:40. Or just watch the whole thing because it's pretty awesome. If you were to condense my thought process over the course of yesterday's game into 60 seconds, it would sound a lot like this:

Video #2 after the jump.

I tend to drink heavily at games but as an experienced sport-watching professional, I generally avoid crossing the line into THAT DRUNK GUY territory. Generally. This dude, though, went waaaay over that line after State beat Carolina. This video is a work of art that I would show to my kids if I were him. LOOK AT THIS SHIT

This one goes from good to great about halfway through, with shirtless drunk gentleman kneeling on the ground.

Drunk Guy: I am fuckin' happy!

[Random Drunk Girl walks into frame pointing at Drunk Guy]

Random Drunk Girl: You're happy?

[they high five]


Drunk Guy: I'm flexin' my shit. LOOK AT THIS SHIT.

[he flexes]

Random Drunk Girl: Let's gun show it!

[they both flex]

[she punches him in the arm a bunch of times for no reason]