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NC State Earns Bowl Eligibility With 35-Point 4th Quarter

Well, uh... that started about as expected, except more so, and then the rest of the first half went about as expected, and then the third quarter wasn't quite the rejuvenation we'd hoped for, and it was pretty much over, except more so, and then things got crazy.

A 35-point quarter and Russell Wilson had nothing to do with it. I know Maryland is garbage, but still, I could not have guessed that this team was capable of that sort of outburst, with or without the aid of turnovers. There was a cathartic aspect to the whole thing for me, and perhaps for anyone who endured the Rivers/Maryland era, which was nothing but pain after pain after squandered lead. It was like they piled up all the points they owed Maryland for those games in one quarter. It always seemed like we were due this sort of game after the way the last decade had gone, and despite all odds it finally broke the right way for us.

Mike Glennon threw the ball 55 times, and to his credit, he responded well to a horrible pick-six in the first half. We cut out the fumbles, we forced some big turnovers, and the receivers stepped up with some big catches. George Bryan was the impact player we thought he'd be more often than not.

It's still hard to come to terms with it all. But that was awesome. We're going bowling.