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NC State Headed To Charlotte?

NC State became bowl eligible on Saturday and to no one's surprise, the Belk Bowl in Charlotte is plenty interested in the Wolfpack:

N.C. State's comeback win over Maryland puts the Wolfpack "very, very high" on the Belk Bowl's wish list, bowl president Will Webb said Sunday.

The bowl game in Charlotte, which will be played Dec. 27 (8 p.m., ESPN) at Bank of America Stadium, has to wait until after the ACC title game on Saturday to make its selection, but the Wolfpack is among its top options.

The Belk Bowl is fifth in the ACC bowl selection order, and if we assume that some combination of VT, Clemson, and FSU ends up in the Orange, Peach, and Champs bowls, the odds are pretty good that NC State ends up in Charlotte. That's good news from a travel time perspective, but the bad news is that would mean a game against a Big East team. State could end up with a rematch with West Virginia, and JP Giglio reports that Louisville and Rutgers also are possibilities. Not much excitement there, though they're all winnable games.