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Eric Leak Excommunicated

Former NC State football player Eric Leak was the man responsible for the illegal gifts given to Calvin Leslie (and Tracy Smith). In a wonderfully-timed Happy Thanksgiving of a goodbye, NC State disassociated itself from Leak:

The letter, which was sent Nov. 23 and signed by athletic director Debbie Yow, bars Leak from any contact with current or future N.C. State athletes and from the school’s athletic facilities, specifically for basketball and football.


Leak, 34, is also not allowed to rent a suite at the RBC Center or Carter-Finley Stadium through his Dunn-based business, E Squared Community Services. The disassociation is effective for 10 years, according to the letter.

"That’s a little harsh, but I understand," Leak said in an interview Tuesday.

It is harsh, and unfortunate. The whole thing is unfortunate, but Yow and the athletic department are playing it safe, and it's hard to take issue with that. It's just a shame that this had to happen to an alum for something that's just not a big deal.

I'm not sure I understand this part, though:

Reached Tuesday, Leak apologized for getting Leslie suspended but said he has not read the disassociation letter. Leak confirmed the allegations cited in the letter when a reporter read them to him in a phone interview.

According to the letter, Leak lent Leslie a vehicle in 2011 and paid for the application fee for an apartment rental for a half-brother of Leslie’s. Leak said he allowed Leslie to use his car after Leslie got into a car accident, which occurred on May 25, according to a Raleigh police department accident report.

The NCAA estimated the value of the car that Leslie borrowed, had it been rented, to be $150. Leak said the car that Leslie borrowed was registered under the name of his wife Emily Leak. She is also addressed at the top of the disassociation letter, but Leak said his wife "has absolutely nothing to do with any of this."

Leak disputed the fact that he paid for the apartment application fee for Kevin Leslie, C.J. Leslie’s half-brother.

(Emphasis mine.)