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No, I'm More Sorry

They ruined all of our fun:

Holden and I have a great relationship," Woodson said in a statement e-mailed by N.C. State spokesman Keith Nichols. "We talked this morning, exchanged apologies and we're moving on."

According to UNC spokeswoman Nancy Davis, Thorp called Woodson this morning and left a message. The chancellors spoke later and apologized.

"They had a good conversation," Davis said in an e-mail. "They're good friends, and they respect each other and their institutions."

Just when it was getting good, and Everett Withers was about to address media members following Tom O'Brien's remarks Thursday, this apology rumor hit the internet. And now look at this stuff about mutual respect and friendship and crap. The only way they can fix this situation--and I insist that they do--is if one of them starts talking apology-related smack. "I think if you look at the data, our inter-institutional apologies are more sincere than those apologies down the road. It's the sympathetic environment here...I think you'll see a difference"