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While Out Of The Recruiting Game, Mark Gottfried Became An Overrated Recruiter

How does that happen, you ask? You'd have to check with the coaches who submitted to this anonymous survey from CBS:

Who is the most overrated head coach recruiting-wise?

1. Ben Howland, UCLA
2. Travis Ford, Oklahoma State
3. Mark Gottfried, N.C. State
4. Bill Self, Kansas
5. Shaka Smart, VCU

This could be taken in a number of ways. Are they suggesting that, in retrospect, Gottfried did a poor job of evaluating and picking the right guys at Alabama? Are they all bitter they aren't getting Rodney Purvis and TJ Warren? Are Purvis and Warren fake prospects created by some guy out for a laugh? Did they have issues with his color commentating while he was at ESPN covering their games? Are they saying Gottfried's assistants are the guys doing all the work for him? Help me, I don't know what this means!!!! I want to be worried but I'm unsure how to direct said worry!