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Checking In On The Preseason Predictions

I predicted the outcome of all 12 games back in August before every defensive tackle in the tri-city area hurt something, and I'm sure it all looks incredibly prescient--

If you caught the end of R&R podcast #11, you heard me pronounce the Jim Grobe era of mystical effectiveness over. No more of this 36-takeaway-getting, multiple long-field-goal-making insanity. After watching the game against the Deacs last year, I can't picture this game being anything other than easy. Of course, I'd have said the same thing prior to the meeting in 2003.

Dammit. Jim Grobe, I misunderestimated you, and my apology cake is in the mail. You are still the magic man.

I also gave Cincinnati a "slight edge at home."

The Seminoles will win, but it's sure to look a hell of a lot different than the last time these two teams played in Tallahassee.

I had no idea how unfortunate this sentence could be in hindsight.

UNC game:

Now I'm just stalling because I have no idea what is going to happen in this or any of the last three games. Fuck it, we'll find some bizarre way to win again.

A 13-0 shutout certainly was a bizarre way to beat them, but I'm sure I was thinking more two-yard-hail-mary bizarre at the time.

Maryland game:

We will prevail even though just 39.6% of season ticket holders have failed to lose their howl towels at this point.

(It was more like 3.96%.)