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Louisville Looks Forward To Hostile Bowl Crowd

Hey, this is tangentially related.
Hey, this is tangentially related.

NC State's Belk Bowl ticket sales are well north of 20,000, which ain't exactly a stunner, while Louisville's sales are down around 10,000 according to this Courier-Journal article. And thanks to Coach "We Should Have Had More Than Three Guys On The All-Conference Team" and his incredibly comprehensive shoulder-chip location device, Louisville players have already begun talking up the pro-State environment.

"I love road games. I feel like that’s when we play our best," U of L freshman free safety Calvin Pryor said. "Our away record is better than our home record. On the road, I like everybody against us."

The Cardinals did win more games on the road than they did at home this season, but on a down-to-down basis, they weren't any better away from Louisville:

Louisville 2011 Yds/Play OppYds/Play
Home 5.4 5.1
Away 4.8 5.1

(against I-A teams only)

At any rate, I don't think I'd be too concerned about the atmosphere in a third-tier bowl game.