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Louisville Looks Forward To Hostile Bowl Crowd

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Hey, this is tangentially related.
Hey, this is tangentially related.

NC State's Belk Bowl ticket sales are well north of 20,000, which ain't exactly a stunner, while Louisville's sales are down around 10,000 according to this Courier-Journal article. And thanks to Coach "We Should Have Had More Than Three Guys On The All-Conference Team" and his incredibly comprehensive shoulder-chip location device, Louisville players have already begun talking up the pro-State environment.

"I love road games. I feel like that’s when we play our best," U of L freshman free safety Calvin Pryor said. "Our away record is better than our home record. On the road, I like everybody against us."

The Cardinals did win more games on the road than they did at home this season, but on a down-to-down basis, they weren't any better away from Louisville:

Louisville 2011 Yds/Play OppYds/Play
Home 5.4 5.1
Away 4.8 5.1

(against I-A teams only)

At any rate, I don't think I'd be too concerned about the atmosphere in a third-tier bowl game.