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Debbie Yow's Anonymous Student-Athlete Survey

This is particularly interesting in the wake of the messes at Penn State and Syracuse; Debbie Yow has been surveying her student-athletes for years...

When then-Maryland athletic director Debbie Yow came up with the idea of giving her school's student-athletes an anonymous survey after every academic year, she wasn't thinking about trying to prevent crimes like the recent alleged sexual abuse scandals at Penn State and Syracuse.

But included among Maryland's anonymous survey for student-athletes was this question: "Have you experienced any inappropriate touching by coaches or administrators?"

She's still doing it at NC State, though she says she never imagined anything like what went down at Penn State when she put the survey together:

"I wasn't thinking about this at all," said Yow, now athletic director at North Carolina State, where she still administers the survey to student-athletes. "Who would have been thinking about this?"

Yow said she was trying to determine whether any coaches or administrators had physically abused athletes, like hitting or slapping, or whether male coaches might have had inappropriate relationships with female athletes. Yow said the thought of male coaches molesting boys never entered her mind at the time.