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Football Finishes Up Practice In Raleigh

NC State will head to Charlotte on Thursday in preparation for the Belk Bowl next Tuesday; while still in Raleigh, they've been working on how to handle Louisville's pistol action.

"No. 1, you have to recognize the formation," O'Brien said. "You have to recognize who's in the game and you have to find the eligible receivers and you have to do all of that quickly. Our defense worked a lot these past two days on Louisville and we'll do it again tomorrow. The focus is to get lined up right. If you don't do that, you've got problems."

Freshman QB Teddy Bridgewater didn't run for a lot of yards this season, but he's fast enough to make defenses pay when they lose contain. Tom O'Brien compared him to Tajh Boyd and E.J. Manuel: "strong-armed guys that can run around with the football."

There wasn't much news out of practice this week, which is good since most of the news we get out of practice is injury news, though TOB did say that Terrell Manning is looking into his NFL draft stock:

Have you had anybody ask the NFL Draft Advisory Board for a draft grade?

"[Terrell] Manning has, he's the only one."