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NC State 88, Northeastern 59

Four Factors NCSU N'eastern
eFG% 60.2 41.7
Turnover Rate 15.0
Off Reb Rate 40.6 24.3
FT Rate 18.8 18.3

59 66.5 88.8 132.4
NCSU 88 66.5 132.4 88.8

Box Score

It was a complete effort for the Wolfpack on Thursday night, and they avoided an emotional letdown after a big road win just two days ago. Lorenzo Brown scored 16 points and added nine assists, Calvin Leslie scored 16 with eight boards, Alex Johnson stayed hot from three, and Richard Howell collected another double double.

The Pack shot well from outside in both halves but really hit cruise control when they started to finish inside the arc--they hit 12 of 19 twos in the second after a 10-25 effort in the first half. Throw in the 7-12 effort from three in the second half and there was no way the Huskies were going to keep up.

I continue to be impressed by just how much better this team looks at the offensive end, and not just when they're making shots. I don't feel that sense of panic when other teams go zone on us because we actually seem to approach things with a plan. I see better ball movement, better teamwork, and it just seems like the players are on the same page this year.