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Tom O'Brien Still Can't Help But Drop A Flagship Reference

It's Belk Bowl eve, hooray!, and Tom O'Brien met with the media in Charlotte on Monday to talk about how far NC State has come in the last couple of months, what they have to do to beat Louisville, and, oh yeah...

"It's a game here in our state. We are the state university, not to be confused with anyone else."

Accept no substitutes. Sadly, there were no mentions of syllabuses. I think he should start taking shots at the parking situation at UNC next. That should carry us well into next season. "Do they pool all those license plates for a game of Go Fish?"

As for the actual task at hand:

"We've got to contain [Teddy Bridgewater]. He's such a talented guy with his legs. He's got a great arm, he can throw the ball."

"Big East teams are much more physical teams. Their style of play is much more physical than the ACC."

I always read "more physical" as "run the ball more" and "just insanely boring."