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Gary Williams Can't Understand It, Has No Idea Why You Think He Planned It

Gary Williams recently sat down with Comcast SportsNet to talk about career at Maryland. The Yow/sabotage thing came up during the conversation, with Williams once again pleading innocent:

"You know, I’m not like that," he said. "I’m not that type of person. Whatever I am, I am. I just put it out there. And some people don’t like you, people like you, whatever. But the ridiculous part of that statement is how would I know? How would I know what coaches are being interviewed? Why do I care who the basketball coach is at N.C. State? "

He's like a goddamned Fathead. He just throws it up there on the wall--boom, handle it. There it is. There's Gary. He's existing right at you, and by the way, your effort on that lasagna was complete fucking horseshit and he wishes you were dead.

Okay, Popeye, but answer me this: why wouldn't you care who the basketball coach is at NC State? I could easily picture you as the type of guy who is preoccupied with torpedoing a former boss. I could also easily picture Debbie Yow using the history between the two of you as a lead-in to this sabotage business to cover up her utter failure during the coaching search. That's why this is so much fun!

Really, though, Gary, what do you mean how would you know? You don't have an Internet connection? You have no friends in the media or coaching community? You don't exactly need to be a flight-tracking super sleuth to know what the hell is going on with coaching searches these days. (Though it occasionally helps.)

Whatever the truth may be, I hope we never know, and I hope this isn't the end to this spat. You can't have too much entertainment.