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NC State 82, Western Carolina 55

Four Factors NCSU WCU
eFG% 63.5 36.2
Turnover Rate 19.9
Off Reb Rate 20.8 26.1
FT Rate 40.4 15.4

55 70.4 78.2 116.5
NCSU 82 70.4 116.5 78.2

Box Score (pdf)

Aside from a sluggish start to the game that saw the Pack score three points (all on free throws) in the first four minutes, State's offense was pretty much unstoppable. The guys hit 24 of 37 (64.9%) of their two-point attempts and had another productive day at the free throw line (16-21). Hell, even Calvin managed a couple of miss-free trips to the line. C.J. Williams' outstanding play continued, Scott Wood did his Scott Wood thing, Richard Howell grabbed 13 defensive boards and picked up another double double, and Lorenzo Brown put on a little layup exhibition in the first half.

Western Carolina couldn't get much of anything to fall, inside or out. Their 30.4% three-point shooting was almost higher than their two-point shooting percentage, which says everything you need to know about their performance at the offensive end. Give 'em credit for doing a fantastic job on the defensive glass, though for that to matter you first have to make sure your opponent does not shoot over 60% from the field. Just remember that next time, WCU.

NC State is off until Wednesday's game against Delaware State, then it's on to conference play.

Happy New Year to you folks, and be safe out there tonight.