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NC State Will Play Louisville In The Belk Bowl, According To Report

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According to a report from the News/Charlotte Observer, NC State will be traveling to Charlotte this holiday season to play in the ever-changing Belk Tire & Muffler Bowl. I had no idea they had an automotive department.

N.C. State will face Louisville in the Belk Bowl at Charlotte's Bank of America Stadium on Tuesday, Dec. 27, a source close to the bowl said Saturday.

The Wolfpack (7-5) will represent the ACC, facing the Cardinals (7-5) of the Big East.

N.C. State became bowl eligible with late-season victories against ACC champion Clemson (37-13) and Maryland (56-41).

Louisville finished the regular season by winning five of their last six games and actually had a shot at the Big East's BCS bowl bid if things fell perfectly for them on Saturday.

The Cardinals have a couple of opponents in common with us: they lost 14-7 at UNC and 25-16 at Cincinnati. Using the bogus common opponent transitive property method to set the line, that makes Louisville one-point favorites.

I'm more looking forward to the Bridge-Strong screamoff, though.