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Belk Bowl 2011: Tom O'Brien Explains How To Pronounce 'Louisville'

NC State officials along with a Belk Bowl rep met with the media this afternoon to discuss the team's forthcoming trip to Charlotte. AD Debbie Yow said she was pleased with the way the team rallied in the second half of the season:

"It is important that we establish some continuity in terms of going to bowls and winning bowls," Yow said after today's bowl press conference at the Murphy Center. "I'm very pleased that we rebounded the second half of the season, which we did in winning five of our last seven, especially after the injuries early on."

Yow also predicted that the school would sell out its 12,500 ticket allotment and request more. Seems more than likely given that NC State sold 23,000 tickets the last time the team played in a Charlotte bowl game.

Tom O'Brien, meanwhile, informed media members of the right way to say "Louisville:"

"It is Louisville," he said. "Being from Cincinnati, I know how to say it. That’s how you’re supposed to say it, so we don’t want to disrespect them at all and call them Loo-iss-vill or whatever."

Can't really tell what the right way is based on the quote on paper, but at least I know how not to say it. I like to add some twang to it even though I have no accent to speak of, so I'm going to stick with Louahvuhll.