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Roy Shot Marvin In The Face

Among the things you don't wanna do round ol' Roy: 1) drink the last co-cola; 2) possibly suggest verbally that you'd like a member of Roy's team to miss a free throw; 3) sell your tickets behind the North Carolina bench to fans from the other team because you're on an incredible run at the blackjack table.

And you certainly do not want to give Roy a BB gun:

You know, you get tired of that. But it’s something that’s always bothered me. It will always bother me. A hundred years ago I’m watching in Lawrence, Kansas, and North Carolina’s playing North Carolina State and there were five million red shirts in the crowd. And if I’d had a BB gun, five million red shirts would have had a burned rear end. Because I just don’t like those kinds of things.

I missed this last week because I was traveling, but man, words cannot express how much joy this man brings me. Roy gets all full up with contempt periodically and can't do anything but let it spew forth. It's better when he's chiding radio show callers, but this is good stuff too. And it inspired the gif below the jump, in which Roy shoots Marvin in the face (created by Jameson; I'm just the ideas guy, see). (From this Pulp Fiction scene; NSFW.)