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David Amerson Denied Thorpe Award


LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne has won the 2011 Jim Thorpe Award, which goes annually to the nation's top defensive back.

The news was announced Thursday night at a college football awards show in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

It may take 15 INTs to win this award at NC State, David.

I'd be bothered but there's so much that goes into playing this position beyond numbers that it's hard to muster any real outrage. But obviously it helps if you play for a brand name school and win a lot of games, just as it helps with any other award in college football. And that's a shame. If only college football voters got half the grief that baseball writers did, maybe they'd stop perpetuating the most pseudo-logic-filled joke of an assortment of so-called awards that exists in sports today. Okay maybe I'm a little bothered.