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Save The Bookstore?

The Talley Student Center is set to undergo a $120 million renovation and expansion. The new Talley will include a brand new bookstore:

In addition to expanded apparel offerings, the new bookstore will feature a coffee shop and light dining area. A digital print-on-demand area will have the capability to print and bind library-quality trade books, textbooks, and course packs in-house. An updated computer department, similar to an Apple Store, will offer full customer support services.

The plan also calls for the current bookstore to be demolished later this year:

The current bookstore will be demolished, providing an enlarged green space for student recreation and relaxation. A new, expanded bookstore will be incorporated into the new construction of the student center. A temporary Bookstore will be constructed on the ground level of Harrelson Hall during Summer 2011 to provide uninterrupted service during the Talley Renovation project.

I never really cared for the building, which I guess just goes to show my ignorance of architecture, because the bookstore is something of a modernist landmark, and Goodnight, Raleigh! makes a compelling argument for saving the building. A little more green space on central campus does sound nice, though.