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NC State 80, Wake Forest 55

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Four Factors NCSU Wake
eFG% 59.3 41.7
Turnover Rate 16.7
Off Reb Rate 39.3 26.5
FT Rate 23.7 22.2


Wake 55 65.7 83.7 121.8
NCSU 80 65.7 121.8 83.7


Box Score

Tracy Smith led the way with 20 points on 9-of-12 shooting against Wake Forest's poor and/or indifferent interior defense, and the Wolfpack never trailed. CJ Leslie had an easy go of it when he wasn't forcing up 24-footers--it felt like all of his made baskets were dunks or easy lay-ins at the rim.

State controlled the game in every sense and while the Deacs were able to hang around for 25 minutes, it never really seemed like they could go long enough without making a mistake to challenge the Pack. Turns out they couldn't. A 10-0 NC State run early in the second half put the good guys up 16 and sealed the deal.