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Signing Day Wrapup

If there is one thing I miss about Chuck Amato, it's the down-to-the-wire excitement he brought to national signing day each year.  I bet TOB didn't sing to any of the kids who faxed in their LOIs today, which is just no fun at all. 

State did make a couple of additions to its class today, though. Two-star defensive back Tyrrell Burriss joined the party early this morning, while LB Michael Peek spurned Navy to sign with the Pack. All twenty members of the class have signed and submitted their LOIs, according to The Wolfpacker and Pack Pride.

The most highly touted member of this class is probably Rodman Noel, a 6-3 defensive back from New York who is rated a four-star recruit by Rivals (our lone four-star player) and a three-star recruit by Scout.  We can thank the Maryland coaching change for Noel.  He also has the class's best name, though Wake's Godspower Offor easily takes the league crown. 

As for the big picture--the overall class rankings--it's not pretty:

Scout: #72 overall, #11 in the ACC, #12 in the ACC by average star rating.
Rivals: #12 in the ACC, #9 in the ACC by average star rating.

We addressed some needs and added some good players, but this class was a huge disappointment and there's really no way to spin that. I trust TOB's ability to develop kids as much as the next guy, but he isn't winning any conference titles with classes like this one.  On the bright side, State's successful season on the field should make the program an easier sell for the class of 2012, and the coaches have already received a couple of commitments

Coach O'Brien's press conference is coming up at 4 PM.