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NC State 79, Georgia Tech 74

Four Factors NCSU Ga Tech
eFG% 55.4 52.6
Turnover Rate 15.1
Off Reb Rate 37.5 40.6
FT Rate 44.6 31.6


GT 74 66.2 111.8 119.3
NCSU 79 66.2 119.3 111.8


Box Score

Tracy Smith and Scott Wood were outstanding, scoring a combined 38 points in 15-20 shooting, and those efforts helped NC State overcome a disaster of an afternoon for CJ Leslie and another less-than-stellar second half defensive performance.

Georgia Tech rebounded nearly half of their missed shots in the second half, which allowed them to keep pace despite going cold from the field. State, meanwhile, put together one of its more consistent offensive performances, at least in terms of shooting. They had little trouble victimizing the Georgia Tech defense and shot well over 50% in both halves. In the first half, it was State's 5-10 three-point shooting; in the second, State hit 12-of-19 twos as the outside shooting faltered.

Jordan Vandenberg played well off the bench for the second consecutive game, scoring eight points in the easiest way possible--four dunks. Georgia Tech either didn't respect him or forgot about him, and he made them pay for it every time. Ryan Harrow had a quiet day from the field but helped the team salt it away with some late free throws. Lorenzo Brown was a huge part of the Pack's first half effort.

The win guarantees that State will finish no lower than tenth in the ACC, but please, hold your applause until the end of the season.