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Duke 76, NC State 52

Duke let State hang around until the first media timeout, but from there the game went exactly as anticipated, as Duke built a huge lead with a 21-2 run. The only real question heading into yesterday was the degree to which NC State would show its indifference. During that run it was comically obvious how little our fractured and demoralized team wanted to be there.

Richard Howell and Lorenzo Brown had decent games at the offensive end, but everyone else might as well have been back in Raleigh with CJ Leslie. With seven losses, they're officially playing out the string, hoping for another ACC tournament run. Just like always.



Four Factors NCSU Duke
eFG% 40.6 47.6
Turnover Rate 23.7
Off Reb Rate 27.8 42.2
FT Rate 34.0 51.6


Duke 76 67.4 112.8 77.2
NCSU 52 67.4 77.2 112.8


Box Score