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Past Is Present

"I don’t know what it was," C.J. Williams said. "The season’s almost over and we’re not coming out ready to play. There’s no excuse for that."



"That should be motivation enough," Williams said of the losing streak. "But I don't know. It seems like we come out dead every time, and it's killing us. We just dig ourselves in a hole."



"All we can do is apologize to the fans," guard Ryan Harrow said. "I don’t know what it is, but we’re not playing hard or something. There is no explanation for this. A five-game losing steak, we’re finally back at home - you would think we would excited to play. But we came out slow and sluggish, for some reason, obviously."



"I can’t explain it. Actually, we had pretty good practices, had energy. We missed a couple of wide-open shots early and it was like we just kind of put our heads down because we were wide open, and didn’t get back and didn’t get the stop the way we needed it. I don’t know why missing a shot would do it, either, because I never cry about missing a shot. But I think that affected us maybe, and they just didn’t play well. The starters didn’t play well."

Remarks following the Virginia Tech or Duke games? No. All of these comments were made in February of 2008. I just changed the names.