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Gary Parrish Checks Out NC State's Butt, Plus Other Items

-- After dropping an incendiary remark or three on Twitter over the weekend, CBS sports writer Gary Parrish talked at greater length about the NC State job on the radio this morning.

If Khloe Kardashian just walks around by herself all the time, she's probably okay. Nobody makes fun of her. She's not a super model, but she's fine. But the problem for her is that she's sisters with two Kardashian's that are hotter than her, and so she's constantly made fun of and constantly judged harshly.

What if we all got nose jobs? Then would you love us??!!!! *sobs* I'm sorry, it''s an emotional time.

I'm not comparing NC State to Khloe Kardashian exactly, but I think you're in a bad spot when you're constantly third in a small group.

It's a tough deal, and that's why they had a hard time hiring a coach last time and I suspect why they'll have a hard time hiring a coach this time.

One of the reasons I'm looking forward to this next coaching search, aside from the obvious, is that it's going to prove this opinion wrong. Debbie Yow >>>>>> Lee Fowler. That can't be emphasized enough. Some of these guys can't seem to separate the issues with the job itself that are real and do in fact exist from the incompetence of Lee Fowler. I'm not in denial about the attractiveness of the NC State job--there is a reason we've been looking at a lot of mid-major candidates. But Debbie Yow is going to find a good coach, she's going to do it professionally, and she is going to do it quickly. Lee Fowler was throwing darts. "Hey who's that dude who wears the mock turtlenecks? Like his style! Give me his number." You don't think it's going to be less difficult to find a coach this time around?

-- Looks like Clemson's football schedule was leaked today; if it's accurate, NC State will play the Tigers on September 24th. I was researching some other dates and found this much:

Season-opener vs. Liberty on 9/3. (link)

@ Wake Forest 9/10. (link)

vs. South Alabama 9/17, vs. Central Michigan 10/8. (link)

-- Well, uh, we're still better than Wake Forest. So that's a little something.

-- CJ Leslie will play against the Deacs on Sunday.

-- James @ Riddick & Reynolds survived the Krispy Kreme Challenge on Saturday. He made an entertaining video about the experience.

-- Johnny Thomas is battling injury again but playing well for Marshall.