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Sidney Lowe Resigns; Announcement At 6:30 PM (Updating Throughout The Day)

Per Joe Giglio at the N&O:

Sidney Lowe resigns; press conference set for 6 p.m

As reported by Dave Glenn yesterday, Sidney Lowe met with Athletic Director Debbie Yow around lunch time today. Various reports are confirming what was expected to happen: Sidney Lowe is no longer the head basketball coach at NC State.

Pack Pride is also reporting that an announcement will come later today. WTVD's Joe Mazur is reporting the same thing. More confirmation from Andrew Jones at Fox Sports.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day. While no intrepid individuals have set up a camera to monitor the doors at the Dail Center, I am coming to you live from the shrubbery outside the facility. It's a little chilly out here. Security guys are giving me the stink eye but haven't asked me to leave just yet. I'm still trying to confirm what Lowe and Yow had for lunch.

Update I: Here's the story from Giglio:

Under the terms of his contract, which has two years remaining, Lowe’s buyout is worth about $700,000.

A news conference has been scheduled for 6 p.m.

99.9 FM will broadcast tonight's press conference, and you can listen online here.

Update II: Some quick reactions from the N&O. Luke DeCock says Brad Stevens should be the #1 target:

Tom Crean has the recruiting pipeline open at Indiana. Purdue’s Matt Painter isn’t going anywhere. John Belein is hanging on at Michigan. So while Stevens may prefer to be patient, he shouldn’t wait until his moment has passed. Butler, after all, didn’t win the Horizon regular-season title this year and had to win its way into the NCAA tournament. The mid-major pyramid is not a stable one; the team at the top can topple at any time.

So if not the Big Ten, where? Why not the ACC? Why not N.C. State?

Caulton Tudor says Lowe was a gamble from the start. (No kiddin'!)

Julius Hodge drops a truth bomb:
I hope the next coach has the Wizard of Oz # bcuz a few of these kids are COTTON SOFT mentally!

Update III: Giglio says Sean Miller and Mark Turgeon are State's top two targets. He adds that Yow does plan on using a search firm. James Henderson says Georgia's Mark Fox will not be in the mix for the job.

Update IV: The Wolfpacker reports that Lowe will not attend tonight's press conference and will not accept another position within the university.

Update V: James Henderson says Lowe already has an interview with an NBA team lined up. WTVD's Mark Armstrong spoke to Lorenzo Brown around 3:30, said Brown had no idea Lowe had resigned. WRAL's Ken Medlin says that a players' meeting has been scheduled for 4:45.

Update VI: The press conference has been pushed back to 6:30.