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Dean Haynes Moves Back To The Defensive Side

As the start of spring football practice approaches, NC State has released an organizational chart that highlights a few personnel changes.

The biggest move for spring will be that redshirt sophomore Dean Haynes, who started eight games at halfback last season after moving over from the defensive side of the ball just two weeks before the season opener, will be back in the defensive secondary. Sophomore D.J. Green, who saw action at safety in 2010, will move over to the field linebacker spot and veteran Audie Cole will move to the middle to the spot vacated by Nate Irving. In the defensive secondary, the returning starters at cornerback will flip positions, with C.J. Wilson manning the boundary and David Amerson moving to the field.

"All of these changes should make us a stronger defensive football team," O’Brien added. "We like to bring versatile people in - guys who can play multiple positions. Then as we grow as a football team and they grow as individual players, we can decide what each individual’s best position is and how he can best help the team. Last season we had to move Haynes to running back because there was no other choice and he did a great job for us. But hopefuly those days are over and we can continue to put people in positions that they are best suited for."

Haynes could have had a nice career as a backup to Mustafa Greene, but his presence there isn't necessary. With Green and Everette Proctor (now a WR) moving away from safety, Haynes probably can have a bigger impact on the defensive side.

The field linebacker spot, where D.J. Green has been moved, will be one of the key position battles to watch this spring. While Audie Cole and Terrell Manning are locked into the other two linebacker spots, the SLB position is likely wide open. I'm also wondering where E.J. Carter, who transferred from Syracuse, fits into the picture at LB. According to this item, Carter spent most of his time at WLB, which is where Terrell Manning is slotted.

The receiver shuffle will be interesting to follow as well. I'm a bit surprised to see Tony Creecy listed at running back in the organizational chart.