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Mark's Hair Wants To Party All The Time, Party All The Time

I enjoyed this collection of old photos of Mark Gottfried that the N&O ran over the weekend. Take a look at this one--is that a little party in the back? I think it is. (I also like how the paper was able to find a photo of Gottfried playing against Billy Donovan. Yeah, yeah, that's as close to Billy D as we're going to get. Just pour the salt right on in there, N&O.)

While I was pondering that photo and other hair-related issues, it occurred to me that there is a direct correlation between the program's decline and the decline in follicular prowess among its coaches.

Jimmy V: mullet in spirit.
Les: the anti-mullet.
Herb: mostly bald.
Sid: totally bald.

See what I mean? So I for one am encouraged that Mark Gottfried represents a sharp reversal in this area, but I'm not sure his current efforts are enough. Gottfried and his mini-mullet led the Crimson Tide to three straight sweet sixteen appearances, something he's never been able to duplicate since updating to a more in-the-now style. If we are to return to the glory days, I submit that Coach Gottfried's hair must lead the way.

Step two will be the restoration of Bobby Lutz's mustache.