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Brittany Reeves, Expert Satirist, Plus Other Items

-- Brittany, honey, you got skills, I'll give you that.

N.C. State continues to think that four consecutive years of last-minute lucky wins over us in football constitute a rivalry. UNC makes sure to condemn N.C. State’s insistence that they are our rivals, but our behavior says quite the contrary.

Painting the free expression tunnel practically screams that we acknowledge them as worthy competitors. This is not necessary. That school dulls in comparison to us in every aspect, so the "not our rivals" chant is not needed. We are going to too much trouble to prove UNC is better, and the recent painting of the free expression tunnel shows a lack of class.

Perfectly on point, but the name needs work. I'd have gone with Chester Turlington III or something like that.

-- Are they still talking about the "Wolfpack" issue down in New Orleans? Yes, yes they are. A commenter on this article says that the name comes from Ignatius of Loyola's family crest, which features a couple of wolves shaking hands in front of a cauldron.


Tis a fine broth we have concocted, Pickles.

They should be able to keep the nickname for this reason alone. And actually that may be more of a fist bump. Can't tell for sure. The schools will work something out, because if Nevada can keep on selling apparel with their blatant Tuffy rip off on it, several years after a similar legal battle, something as minor as a name shouldn't prove a real sticking point.

-- Joseph Uchebo says he felt like the new staff didn't want him at NC State:

"The first time the new staff called me, I got the feeling they didn't want me at NC State," Uchebo explained. "Coach Gottfried was working on bringing in new players, and it was like he didn't want me. It wasn't the same feeling Coach (Sidney) Lowe brought to me."

-- Andy Katz feature on Archie Miller.

-- Tommy Burleson talks Mark Gottfried with Dave Glenn.

-- This random item popped up in my news feed today: 25 bizarre scholarships.

The name Gatling will grant you $9,000 to $18,000 at North Carolina State.

This is true.

-- The new bats have put a dent in offensive production in college baseball, and one major league scout says they're worse than wood. (via)