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First Spring Scrimmage In The Books; Russell Wilson Sent To Asheville

A couple of quick notes before returning to regularly scheduled Mick Cronin-related programming.

NC State conducted its first scrimmage this afternoon, and the quarterbacks struggled in difficult wind conditions:

Junior quarterback Mike Glennon was 9-for-19 for 60 yards with one interception. Tyler Brosius, the redshirt freshman backup, was 6-for-14 for 24 yards with two interceptions.

Tobais Palmer led a wide receiving corps that O’Brien said needs to have leaders step forward. Palmer made three catches for 20 yards, and tight end George Bryan added two catches for 8 yards.

Mustafa Greene was the star of the afternoon with 61 yards and a touchdown on seven carries. TOB answered a few questions after the scrimmage.

Both Russell Wilson and Kyle Parker were assigned to the Asheville Tourists, which is Colorado's single-A affiliate. So if you'd like to see Russell play this spring, you'll have plenty of opportunities, as the Tourists will be all over North Carolina. Wilson is expected to be the team's starting second baseman. Their season begins on April 7th in Hickory.