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Leave The Scoreboard At Kenan Stadium Alone

We beat UNC at everything, not just sports. Out of all the schools in the ACC, their vet school is ranked so poorly by US News And It's A Kitty! it might as well not exist.

UNC continues to think that four consecutive losses to NC State in football means they aren't our rivals. NC State fans make sure to condemn these sentiments, but the behavior of our football team says quite the contrary. For in the sound beating of the Tar Heels, much is unfairly implied, especially when certain games are over by the end of the third quarter.

Painting the Kenan Stadium scoreboard with an array of sevens and threes practically insists in bright neon lights that we consider them completely unworthy of our attention. This is unkind and probably bad for the environment as well as the psyche. That school dulls in comparison to us in every aspect, and their obvious sadness tears me apart. We have gone through too much trouble, if indeed Russell Wilson's annual dance through the UNC defense might be termed trouble, and the regular painting of the Kenan scoreboard shows a lack of class.

Demolishing them in bass fishing and taking the Ludacris concert from them is enough embarrassment. Look at them over there, they can barely face themselves in the mirror. So I just think we should let them have this one thing.

The cow says moo. One love,