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Baseball Heads To Virginia

NC State swept North Carolina last weekend, which put them back in the NCAA tournament picture and solidified their ACC tournament odds, but if they really want to start feeling good about their post-season prospects, they need to get a win at Virginia this weekend. They'll be fortunate to get one from the Hoos, but the good news is they'll remain in solid RPI standing no matter what. Virginia is the best team in the country, number one in the polls and the RPI, losers of three games out of 41. A big reason for that is their pitching; they've recorded 12 shutouts this season.

Weekend Starters ERA FIP K/9 BB/9 K/BB
Hultzen 1.17 2.37 14.5 1.5 9.9
Wilson 2.63 3.09 10.9 2.5 4.4
Roberts 1.11 3.62 8.6 0.5 18.0

Danny Hultzen has struck out 99 guys in 61.3 innings this season. In 75 plate appearances against left-handed hitters, the southpaw has recorded 40 strikeouts, which is beyond absurd. He's probably a top five draft pick come June. Also he's hitting .329/.417/.457 on the year and hit an inside-the-park grand slam on Wednesday. He's decent at baseball, is what I'm saying. (Will Roberts, who has walked three guys in 56.7 innings, is not bad either.)

So decent that Elliott Avent has shuffled his rotation and, to say that he's conceding the Friday game is not really fair, so let's just say he's putting the team in a better position on Saturday by moving Cory Mazzoni's start back one day. The Saturday game will be televised by FSN.