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Tuffy's Family Poisoned

Someone really did this:

Four Tamaskan dogs with ties to North Carolina State Wolfpack mascot Tuffy have become seriously ill after eating fish laced with antifreeze that their owner says was placed on his property intentionally.


Bannow's dogs include 3-year-old Blaze and 2-year old Kana Ti', the father and sister of the Wolfpack mascot. Also sick were a 1-year-old male and a 5-month-old female.

There is no indication that this has anything to do with sports or Tuffy's affiliation with NC State, and the article notes that the dogs are recovering at a nearby animal hospital. Since no one in this state claims us as a rival, I'm going to guess this was all coincidental. If, however, we discover that some Walmart McGee did this on purpose, I'm organizing an official ram-themed Whacking Day; we will assemble with blunt objects at the bell tower and convoy over to Chapel Hill.