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Ryan Harrow Is Transferring From NC State

This is just breaking so I don't have an article/press release link yet, but it has been confirmed by a number of sources on Twitter that Ryan Harrow has asked for his release from NC State. The official NCSU basketball Twitter account calls is a "mutual decision:"

Wolfpack/Harrow reach mutual decision that Harrow will transfer to another institution.
Ryan will not be allowed to transfer anywhere in the ACC
No surprise there. Armstrong also has a comment from Harrow:
Harrow: "The year off will help me improve in many ways and I think the decision is the best for me personally."
So that's a huge, huge bummer. I was really looking forward to watching Harrow develop over the next few years, and I'm a bit surprised that he's going to part ways with Lorenzo Brown. Looking ahead to the roster situation next year, it's... not good. Brown at the point, CJ Wiliams at the two, and...? What are the odds that Jaqawn Raymond can contribute immediately?

Update: Here is the official word from NCSU.

"We wish him well and will do anything we can to assist him in this process," said Gottfried, who added that he would release Harrow to any school except one in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Best of luck to Ryan wherever he lands.