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Russell Wilson Granted Release By NC State

Russell Wilson's football career at NC State is over, as he has been released from his scholarship and is free to transfer and play immediately if he chooses to do so. From

Wilson said "Although I remain undecided on the option of playing college football this coming season, I believe it is in the best interest of the players and coaches involved to end any speculation of my return to the Wolfpack. It has become apparent that the time has come for the program to move on without me"

(Kudos to Frumpzilla for floating this scenario last week.)

This puts the speculation and uncertainty to rest, at least--it's Mike Glennon's show for sure now. Please don't let this end up being a horrible mistake...please don't let this end up being a horrible mistake... But TOB has been in a tough position with all of this, and I've been wondering how the team might react if Wilson were to return after skipping another off-season of work. Not to mention how awkward that would be with Glennon getting the nod over him.

Now the thing none of us want to think about. Is he going to play somewhere else? James Henderson of Pack Pride seems to think so:

Wilson will play football in the fall and has wanted to all along. Interesting move by O'Brien and his staff. WOW.
He added:
Regarding Wilson's release, I believe he can't go to any ACC school or a school that is on NCSU's sched. in 2011. He will play in 2011.
Luke DeCock offers an opinion on the matter right here.