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Will We Know Today?

According to Dave Glenn, we might:

N.C. State continued its coaching search over the weekend with a detailed presentation to Virginia Commonwealth coach Shaka Smart, multiple sources in the college basketball community said Monday.

The Wolfpack has had similarly detailed conversations with two other candidates, sources said, and both have indicated that they are willing to accept the job under the proposed terms. Smart is expected to give his response to NCSU today.

Glenn adds that two other coaches have indicated they'd take the job should it be offered to them, so it appears NC State has fallbacks in place if Shaka Smart decides to stay at VCU. Is one of the other guys Gregg Marshall? I'm guessing so. And if Glenn's report is accurate, we'll have a coach by the end of the week. The good news for State, which will help speed the process, is that Missouri is out of the competition for anyone we might want.

If in fact Smart is the guy, we'll have to work on a set of "it factor" requirements for coaches in order to properly evaluate him. Smart has impressed everyone with his energy and presence on the sideline, a clear sign that he "has it," which is "the stuff," as Debbie Yow would say. The right stuff. It may seem contradictory to say he has it and also that he gets it, as why would one need to acquire what one already has, and furthermore can you really bring in more it on a daily basis, but it's important to remember that these are not necessarily the same its.