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Shaka Smart Staying At VCU

I guess I should have just held off on that last post for another half hour. Gregg Doyel broke the news that Smart intends to stay at Virginia Commonwealth:

Shaka Smart of VCU will stay at VCU and not cash in on his instant superstardom, a source in Richmond told me a minute ago.

Dave Glenn is reporting the same thing, as is MSG Network's Jon Rothstein, who adds that Gregg Marshall "could be next on NC State's radar." Assuming that Yow moves on to the candidates who supposedly have already agreed in principle to accept the job, I wonder how long it's going to take for an announcement. I would think that things will move quickly now that Smart is out of the running.

So I know Marshall is going to be an extreme disappointment to some folks since he pales in the sexiness department when compared to Smart and the big names that were thrown around, but I really think we're better off with him. All premature, of course. More as things develop...