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Press Conference Open Thread

NC State will introduce Mark Gottfried at 5 PM. If you're in the area, I think both WRAL and WTVD are planning to air the press conference. If not, you can watch it online at GoPack or WRAL. The GoPack feed is already rolling. (Marvel at journalists sitting in chairs!)

And Associated Press report indicates that Gottfried will receive a 5-year deal worth $1.2 million annually. He has strong incentive to succeed quickly, since he apparently gets an automatic two-year extension if NC State reaches the NCAAs in either of the next two seasons. That's a pretty good deal for Gottfried, and we saved a lot of money that we can now (I hope) invest in a strong assistant coaching staff. Gottfried is going to need some strong initial connections while he gets himself re-acquainted both with the job of coaching itself and the recruiting process. I'll have much more on Gottfried in the coming days, including a possible savior-style profile.